American Outdoor Cabinet - kitchen example 36 - Indigo-coastal-doors
Anerican Outdoor Cabinets kitchen example 35 - indigo coastal cabinets, artisan grill and heat hood
American Outdoor cabinet - kitchen example 36- aftisan grill with heat hood
American Outdoor Cabinets - indigo color, modern door style, stainess grill and hood

Custom Kitchen Thirty-Six

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We are ready to build your ideal outdoor lifestyle! We create custom HDPE cabinets and provide a full-service experience including in-house design, manufacturing, and installation.

This stunning kitchen features a state-of-the-art 32” Alfresco grill and a Heat Hood. The beautiful space is pulled together with our HDPE cabinets featured in indigo. Make it your own by combining styles. This kitchen features Modern drawer fronts and Coastal doors. Our team is ready to create the ideal kitchen for your needs and space.

  • Color- Indigo
  • Door style- Modern Drawer Fronts, Coastal #3 Doors
  • Grill- Artisan 32"
  • Hood -  Heat Hood

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