Outdoor Greatroom Cortlin Linear Gas Fire Pit Table

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OG Cortlin Linear Gas Fire Pit

Item #: COR-1264

The Cortlin Gas Fire Pit Table is the perfect addition to any home. It has a Corten Steel-look base which is made from durable stucco and HardieBacker Cement Board. It's contemporary look comes with ease to use and care for. It features an extra-long 12 X 64" Crystal Fire Burner great for entertaining friends and family.

• The HardieBacker Cement is moisture and mold resistant, and has 3x the strength of competitve cement board brands.
• Choose from a Manual Ignition with Battery-Operated Sparker or Direst Spark Automatic Ignition.
• Includes glass cover for Crystal Fire
•Does not fit 20 lb. LP tank in base
*CP-20-LP Burner includes hose & regulator, gas valve, metal flex hose, LP/NG orifice and electric piezo. 10lbs Diamond Crystal Fire Gems included

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