Grilled Doughnuts

Grilled Doughnuts


This one is less of a recipe than a food for thought and a rough guidance of technique.


  • Doughnuts (general consensus says plain glazed donuts but hey, experiment)
  • Butter (you could even just use grill spray if you so choose)
  • Toppings (be creative, ice cream or whip up some assorted dips, I love fresh fruit and whipped cream)


  1. Start your grill and make sure it clean
  2. Cut your doughnuts in half, if you’re using butter, butter the inside cut sections
  3. Place cut sections face down first and give them enough time to make some nice grill marks
  4. Flip to grill other side (if you are using glazed doughnuts this side won’t take long with that sugar)


I found this little tidbit online and thought I’d share:

Abbe Baker with Food and Wine has done some doughnut testing, you can check it out here:

her favorite was:

Store-bought crumb cake doughnut: Hands down, my favorite. Yes, some of the crumbs stuck to the pan, so I had to scoop them up to taste it, but you guys: It's like Christmas in my mouth. Seriously. I'd eat this all the time. 

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