Grilled Roasted Chestnuts

Grill Roasted Chestnuts

Let’s make this classic holiday treat on your home grill. When they are roasted, the natural sweetness of the nut is revealed. You can place them right on the grill grate or use a grill safe pan if you’re not into turning individual nuts. I think the extra time and love you put into these makes them even better, but a grill pan will work.

Step 1:  Look through your nuts to make sure bad nuts are discarded. If it sounds like a rattle when you shake it, the meat is dried out and should be discarded.

Step 2:  Give them a good rinse. Lay them out on a paper towel and using a small knife cut an “X” into each nut’s shell. (This will keep them from exploding later)

Step 3:  Preheat your grill to approx. 400 degrees (F)

Step 4:  Grill your nuts for about 15 minutes turning every few minutes to assure even roasting. Keep your eye on them to prevent burning.

Step 5:  Allow them to cool slightly and remove the shells. Serve warm or add to your favorite holiday dishes.

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