Grilling Recipes

  • Beef Brisket with Dr. Pepper Barbecue Sauce

    There's nothing better than a delicious bite of tender brisket slow-cooked on a grill.
  • Chimichurri

    Chimichurri goes perfectly with grilled steak, chicken, and most other proteins.
  • Keto Steak Tacos

    It really delivers the crunch you’re looking for in a taco without the carbs.
  • Best Burger

    It packs a ton of flavor and none of the fillers.
  • Exceptional Carne Asada

    This recipe for carne asada has amazing flavor and is sure to be a new favorite from your grill. While it is not exactly the traditional version, this recipe has been tweaked for exceptional flavor. Enjoy!
  • Grilled Prime Rib

    This ultimate cut of beef is a holiday favorite and something wonderful, but also one of the most expensive foods you can buy. To treat this right and to get the most out of your investment requires the right cooking method. This means taking it to the grill to utilize the grill's great roasting capabilities and get extra flavor from a little smoke.
  • BBQ Bacon Wrapped Onion Bombs

    These BBQ Bacon Wrapped Onion Bombs are like large meatball stuffed onions and are fabulous.
  • Steak Sandwich Kabobs

    This is the easiest steak “sandwich” you’ll ever make. Just remember two things, cut your pieces the same size for even cooking and soak your skewers overnight if you’re using wooden skewers.


  • Korean Beef Skewers

    If you can't find gochujang or you don’t like the ingredients in the store-bought stuff, use miso in the marinade instead or make your own. It’s an indispensable condiment in our house!

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