Grilling Recipes

  • Grilled Sesame Ginger Shrimp with Snow Peas

    The marinade is the magic in this recipe, don't skimp on the marination time.
  • Honey Sweet Potato Chicken Kebabs

    This is super quick and easy to make, just chop up the ingredients, skewer, and roast.
  • Grilled Caprese Skewers

     If you tried this recipe with mozzarella prepare for a melty mess.
  • Scallops with Miso Butter

    Fresh scallops grilled then buttered up with a truly leveled up butter.
  • Grilled Thai Curry Chicken Skewers with Peanut Sauce

    This dish is a Thai food dream. Savory grilled chicken marinated for full flavor accompanied by a creamy Thai inspired peanut sauce. Give me a side of Jasmine rice and I'm good!
  • Steak Sandwich Kabobs

    This is the easiest steak “sandwich” you’ll ever make. Just remember two things, cut your pieces the same size for even cooking and soak your skewers overnight if you’re using wooden skewers.


  • Sausage and Shrimp Skewers

    This is a big game day hit around our house. Shrimp and Sausage are like skewers of surf and turf.
  • Ratatouille Skewers

    This dish takes the traditional French dish and turns it into a portable and party friendly version of the beloved baked veggie dish.
  • Bratwurst and Chicken Kabobs

    Your guests will love this party platter. Pepper jelly gives these skewers a flavor you'll want to make time and time again.
  • Grilled Balsamic Mushrooms Skewers

    This recipe brings a full delivery of flavor for the whole crowd!

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